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We want to thank you for visiting our new website. Our new online presence will give us the opportunity to keep you updated on what is happening with the store, as well as any new merchandise and special events.

For instance, if we are gearing up to run a special promotion on suits, you will be able to get all the information you need directly from the site.

As far as new merchandise goes, we will post image galleries showcasing new suits, sportswear, etc.

We hope that you will continue to check back with us, and please leave any feedback below in the comments area about our new site!


-Dennis & Company


  1. Dennis, I love my new jeans, especially the stretch factor and the price! With my new fall gear, I will certainly impress when I head up north at the end of the week. Thanks again for taking care of my needs. It’s nice to have that personal touch when it comes to finding the right thing to wear.

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